homemade boullion


That crazy looking concoction up there is homemade boullion. A brilliant, though seemingly obvious in retrospect, alternative to those odd, bland, dehydrated boullion cubes you can purchase at your local supermarket. I stumbled across this recipe at 101cookbooks, then adapted it to incorporate my favorite herbs and vegetables.

As it turns out, ground up vegetables and herbs plus a disturbing amount of salt makes a paste that keeps well in the freezer up to a couple of months without freezing solid. You can scoop out a little whenever you need it.

Say you have a shameful addiction to instant ramen. Well, ramen is made a little less shameful when you toss out that mysterious flavor packet and add a few teaspoons of fresh boullion in its place. Or, say you’re a vegetarian and your local supermarket doesn’t carry Nissin Oriental Instant Ramen Noodles-the only option sans beef extract. Make this boullion and you’ll never have to order a case of 24 from amazon.com again!

just add water


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Homemade Boullion (adapted from 101cookbooks.com)

makes about 4 cups; this has lasted at least 6 months in my freezer although I use it often!

300 grams carrot

200 grams celery

1″ ginger (about 30 grams)

300 grams onion

1 bell pepper, yellow or red

2 cloves garlic

30 grams lemongrass (I used the ready-to-use stuff found in a plastic tube with the herbs in the produce section)

60 grams cilantro

40 grams parsley

100 grams salt

Prepare vegetables by washing and peeling as needed. Chop coarsely. Add carrots, celery and ginger to a large food processor, pulsing until finely chopped. Add onion, bell pepper and garlic; puree. Add remaining ingredients and process until you have a smooth paste. You may have to scrape down the sides and push the herbs into the mixture to get everything fully incorporated.

Refrigerate up to a week or freeze up to a couple of months.

Use about a teaspoon of boullion per cup of water, adjusting to taste.

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