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One reason I’ve been putting off this post is because I knew that I just couldn’t let it pass without acknowledging the loss of my constant kitchen companion, Lucy.

lucy in the carlucy in the kitchen

She taught me a lot about the kitchen, about food. Things like:

You may unwittingly arrange your dining room furniture in a vaguely stair-like pattern leading to the kitchen countertop. Once.

A kitchen without a beagle is a kitchen that needs a lot of sweeping.

You might think that a bag of chocolate chips or a plate of homemade marshmallows is safe on the counter (even after you’ve smartly re-arranged the dining room) but you should probably just put them in the pantry, and a lock on the pantry. You may end up with teeth marks on the door, but that’s okay. They add a certain lived-in charm to the place.

This trash can is ridiculously expensive, but totally worth it.

You may not even realize it, but you’ll develop a special kitchen-dance comprised of a series of spins and high-steps, one you’ll eventually have to un-learn because it looks completely ridiculous when you’re not trying to avoid a puppy under-foot that’s smashing its face into the corner between the dishwasher and the cabinet in search of a crumb or a precious piece of lint.

These mischeivous little creatures may cause you to curse their name on a fairly regular basis, but it’s okay…you’ll adore the crap out of them anyway.

Now, since you’ve indulged me, feel free to tell me about your pup (or your feline, or your cousin Steve’s ferrets.) I would be delighted!

On to the recipe instructions!

quinoa in the coffee grinder

(make sure you’ve got pre-rinsed quinoa)

This is something that’s made its way into our mouths frequently as of late. I was trying to make soft gluten-free tortillas, but ended up with some sturdy discs that, once toasted, actually made a pretty great vehicle for beans and cheese and all the other little tasty bits that comprise a mexican pizza.

quinoa tortillas

Here’s what happened: I used this recipe.¬†Smooshed the dough in a tortilla press lined with a plastic baggie to keep the dough from sticking (it’s really sticky.) Cooked a few tortillas, then transfered them to a cooling rack while I finished cooking the rest. Threw a few back on the griddle over medium heat, cooked until the bottom was getting nice and brown and toasty, sprinkled some cheese over the tortillas and let it melt. Off the heat, added some saucy black beans (this stuff freezes really well) and avocado, cilantro, sour cream, and slices of red bell pepper. Ate. Became addicted. That is all.

quinoa mexican pizza

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